Winter Weather Safety

It is evident that our winter in California has yet to arrive ,however if you are traveling where the elements may be extreme Mother Nature can be unforgiving in the winter months.
To protect against frostbite:
  • Dress properly by protecting your hands, feet, nose and ears. 
  • Bundle up in warm, layered, loose-fitting clothing. 
  • If you are doing activities outside, periodically go inside to warm up.
  • Remember that wet skin and clothing will increase your risk of getting frostbite, so try and keep your skin and clothes as dry as possible.
  • Do not drink alcohol before or during exposure to cold temperatures; your body may not be able to realize that it is getting too cold. 
  • Avoid smoking in cold weather. The nicotine affects your blood vessels and increases your chance of frostbite
  • Keep a close eye on your body; if your skin begins to turn red, it may be an indication that frostbite is developing. Head indoors immediately and get warm.
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