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Our Gaspar Customer Portal is your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. With this portal, you have the power to keep your policies and ID cards at your fingertips, ensuring you're covered at all times.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on the Gaspar MyAccess App?

You can view your policies, ID Cards, Gaspar service team members, request policy changes and access additional agency resources.

Is there a difference between the Gaspar MyAccess App and my carrier’s app? (FYI, a “carrier” is the actual insurance company, examples include Mercury, Travelers, Hartford, etc.)

Yes. While you can do a lot on our Gaspar MyAccess app you cannot file claims,  pay the carrier any premium due and even get late pay reminders pushed to your phone. Those particular items are accessed through your carrier’s app.

Do I have to use the Gaspar MyAccess App or can I just email or call my agent or account manager?

Like many service businesses, we have different levels of service for different types of client accounts. We LOVE our customers and if you need a live person we will never no. That being said, for our personal insurance customers that have one or two policies with Gaspar we typically default service to the MyAccess app as there are not as many moving pieces to the account. For individuals and families that have more than two policies or more complicated needs we sometimes prefer to chat via phone or via email to ensure we get the job done right.

Why did Gaspar Insurance decide to start utilizing the Gaspar MyAccess in many cases instead of email or phone?

We understand our customers want immediate service wherever they are at any time. Because our customers all have a dedicated account manager sometimes that person may already be on a call or have several emails to return at once. We want to avoid having to force our customers to wait for a phone call back or a reply on an email.

If you have any issues or feedback on the Gaspar My Access app we want to hear it! Please let our CEO know directly at

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