Personal insurance
Do I have rental car coverage?

Coverage is transferable to the rental car, with the same coverage as you have on your existing policy (broadest coverage is transferable).  The only persons covered to drive the Rental Car are named insured, spouse and resident relatives that are named as a driver on the policy declaration page.

Will an accident affect my insurance?

If that accident is found to be your fault, your premium will increase.

How many years does a ticket or accident stay on my record?

Typically it affects the driving record for 36 months.

If I’m co registered on vehicle am I liable?

Yes, all registered owners can be held liable in the event of a loss.

What is GAP coverage?

Gap coverage is the difference between what the “blue book” value and what you owe on the vehicle at the time of a loss.  Basically, when people refer to being “upside down” in their car; they owe more than it is worth.

Where should I send payment?

Directly to the carrier, as stated on their billing statement.

Do you insure in different states?

Yes, we are licensed in almost every state.

Do I have worldwide automobile coverage?

Majority of the carriers do not offer worldwide coverage.

Business insurance
How do I get a certificate of insurance or make any changes to my policy?

Email or call 818.302.3060

Life & Health
Can I switch my health insurance now?

Unless you have a qualifying life event, you have to wait until Open Enrollment which begins November 1, 2018.

What’s the difference between an HMO & a PPO?

An HMO, otherwise known as an Health Maintenance Organization, emphasizes the importance of preventative care by assigning subscribers to a Primary Care Physician (PCP). A PCP provides and authorizes care. If you needed to see a specialist, for example, your PCP would authorize a visit by referral. This preventative care approach is designed to reduce health care costs.

A PPO, Preferred Provider Organization, offers a broad choice of in-network providers. The network consists of many hospitals and private physicians you may choose from to access health care. As opposed to an HMO, a PPO network is designed to allow you to have more control of over your health care without a required authorization.  

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