Life insurance that rewards healthy living

Sep 26, 2019 | Information, Solutions

A new kind of life insurance from John Hancock

All life insurance solutions from John Hancock offer Vitality, a program that rewards healthy living. Vitality is designed to save you money and offer incentives for living a healthy lifestyle.


The John Hancock Vitality program can help you:

  • Get the protection you need for your family’s financial future
  • Save on the cost of your coverage
  • Earn rewards for the everyday things you do to stay healthy


Vitality has two options: Vitality GO and Vitality PLUS

Get rewarded with Vitality GO

A basic “be healthy” version of the program, included with your policy at no additional cost. Vitality GO offers discounts to Amazon, REI, and wearable fitness trackers such as FitBit. You also get a subscription to Healthy Living publications. and REI Discounts
20%-40% off wearable fitness devices
Free Healthy Living Publications


Enjoy even more rewards with Vitality PLUS

Access exclusive rewards, plus the benefits of Vitality GO. Included in the price of your policy (or available for as little as $2/month for single life permanent products. For term products, the rider fee will be 3% of the policy’s modal premium.)

Up to 15% in annual premium savings
Earn an Apple Watch for as little as $25 – or get a free Fitbit device
Free subscription to Headspace
Up to $600 in healthy food savings
Shopping and entertainment rewards discounts


Here’s how to earn your Apple Watch

  • Order your Apple Watch for an initial payment of $25.
  • Walk, run, bike, swim or do any number of exercises you enjoy and earn Vitality Points that go toward your monthly watch payments.
  • Earn 500 fitness-related Vitality Points per month over two years and you’ll pay no additional charges.

Get Active. Get Rewarded.

The Vitality Points you earn towards your Apple Watch can also lead to additional rewards and discounts, as well as savings on your life insurance premiums, with the John Hancock Vitality Program

 How to earn the Apple Watch

Compare benefits of Vitality GO & Vitality PLUS

For more information and to get a quote for this program, please visit the Vitality page here.

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