In order to provide a better experience for consumers using mobile devices, Mercury will be launching a new mobile optimized website for both iPhone and Android mobile devices.   The mobile optimized website will support consumers that access the corporate website.  In the initial phase, iPad users will be directed to the normal website rather than the mobile optimized site.

The mobile optimized website will support all states and include the following options:

  • Make Auto Payment
  • Make Home Payment
  • Find an Agent / Call My Agent
  • My Profile
  • My ID Card


  • Call Roadside Assistance
  • Report a Claim
  • Find Approved Repair Shops
  • Track Vehicle Repair

Other Services

  • Get Free Auto Quote
  • Featured Apps
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Link to the access the website
  • Link to Mercury’s Privacy Statement page
  • Link to Mercury’s Terms of Use page

The new mobile optimized website will allow your clients to personalize their experience so that your agency information appears in the “call my agent” section and their policy information automatically populates when accessing the “make a payment” section.

Mercury is committed to meeting the needs of customers and this new functionality is part of the Company’s efforts to continually enhance and improve the services provided to customers.