Former film producer Harvey Weinstein, who is facing multiple sexual assault cases, has filed new court documents related to his fight against insurance giant Chubb over legal costs.

Citing this week’s court filings in Manhattan, Bloomberg reported that Weinstein’s lawyers are asking for an eight-day federal court trial to have jurors decide whether the insurer’s stand on his coverage is in bad faith.

It will be recalled that in February Chubb – several units of which have collectively issued about 80 policies to Weinstein and his family since the ‘90s – filed a lawsuit, arguing that defense costs from the molestation-linked cases aren’t covered.

Weinstein’s camp, in a countersuit filed last month, noted having paid the group of insurers over $1 million worth of premiums for what his lawyers described as “a wide variety of liability claims,” according to a Reuters report. The countersuit also cited unlimited coverage for the insured’s legal defense.

Bill Cosby ruling

Just this month the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled that insurer AIG should foot the bill as far as the defamation lawsuits being faced by Bill Cosby are concerned.

The civil cases allege that Cosby – who has been convicted of aggravated indecent assault – defamed his accusers when he said the women were lying about their sexual misconduct complaints.

The ruling does not relate to legal costs for sexual assault lawsuits.

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This article was written by Terry Gangcuangco for Insurance Business America and can be found here: here.