The Gaspar Team Picks

If you’re looking for something to do around the house, we’ve got you covered. Here is a collection of ideas and recommendations from our team to you of various things to do while at home. We’re all just trying to make the best of a terrible situation. We hope that you enjoy our suggestions! Please stay safe and healthy. 

Vanessa Recommends

Barbara Recommends

  • – it’s like Pictionary and we play it while zooming
  • Zoom Happy Hour – have a theme like “Wear a hat”

Stacie Recommends

  • Start a series you haven’t seen before
  • Read a good book

Mehdi Recommends

  • Take a break from TV and read some good books

Jeff Recommends

  • Do street chalk with the kids on the sidewalk
  • Bake cookies with the kids
  • Watch live concerts on YouTube
  • Tiger King on Netflix

Kara Recommends

  • Try this amazing bread recipe
  • Watch Some Good News on YouTube
  • Play card games 
  • Play Yahtzee online and via zoom

Evelyn Recommends

Mike G Recommends


Heidi Recommends

  • Take a walk in the neighborhood
  • Eat dinner as a family (we couldn’t always before!)

Rick Recommends

  • Play instruments, or learn one
  • Learn a new language
  • At home workouts. Youtube is great for all of those

Sherry Recommends

  • Take lots of walks
  • Nurture your inner chef and cook

Enid Recommends

Tim G Recommends

  • Order from Szechuan Garden in Tarzana
  • Build model cars with your kids
  • Rent audiobooks for free on Libby if you have a LA Library card

Nicole Recommends

Kari Recommends

  • Play High/Low at the dinner table Each person tells the family the high point of their day as well as the low point.  We discuss the highs and lows.  We all learn from them and how we could have done better or praise them for doing something so great.
  • Puzzles!
  • Game nights with the family

John Recommends

  • Try new recipes
  • Take an afternoon break and take a walk with your dog

Kim Recommends


Andrea Recommends

  • Grow plants and garden
  • Make a DIY pet bed

Christy Recommends

  • Spelling bee contest and tic tac toe over Facetime

Megan Recommends

Christina Recommends

  • Yoga at home – there’s a ton on YouTube!
  • Drizzle toppings on popcorn! Sometimes I drizzle Trader Joe’s salted caramel on top, sometimes I put some Japanese Furikake & sesame oil on there.

Julianna Recommends