Is Your Jewelry Covered?

One of the most popular and romantic gifts to give is jewelry. It’s a grand gesture and often comes with a hefty price tag. If you’ve purchased or received any high-value jewelry pieces, it’s a good idea to review your insurance coverage. Standard homeowners policies don’t have a very high limit for jewelry, often around only $1,500. Would that be enough coverage for you and your family? If your jewelry collection exceeds your homeowners’ jewelry limits, a Personal Article Floater is a viable option.

What is a Personal Article Floater?

A Personal Article Floater is a policy that covers high-value items, such as jewelry, to be covered by a significantly higher level of monetary value protection than your homeowners’ policy. Often, there is no deductible and a grace period to add items to the policy.

More Protection for Your Valuables

This type of insurance also protects against more types of losses than your homeowners’ policy. For example, an accidental break or natural disaster would be covered by a Personal Article Floater, but not a stand-alone homeowners policy. This type of policy also includes worldwide protection for the items listed. If you were to incur a loss while abroad, you would be covered. If you possess any items of great value, we encourage you to explore your coverage options. A Personal Article Floater will provide security for your valuables as well as peace of mind for you. Contact your agent to add a Personal Article Floater to your home insurance policy.