Is your car ready for fall driving?

randy zhang AHmUasSBPCI unsplash

Fall is arguably the most important season for car maintenance. With brisk, windy weather and shorter days, you’ll want to make sure your car is prepared for the fall roads ahead. Seasonal changes from summer to fall affect your vehicle and how it runs, so it’s important to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule.

Follow these maintenance tips to be sure your car is ready for fall driving:

  • Check your fluids — Fluids lubricate, cool and perform vital functions that keep your car healthy and driving. Fluids (e.g., engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid) should be checked.
  • Inspect the tires — Tires affect your vehicle’s breaking ability, handling performance, and overall safety. Check your car’s tread depth by using a gauge.
  • Make sure all lights work — With nighttime coming earlier in the fall months, you must ensure your lights are functioning correctly. Check that all of your exterior lights work. If any are out, replace the bulb. Instructions can often be found in your car’s manual.
  • Check the wiper blades — Rain and snow are more likely in the fall. Check if your wiper blades are working by turning both the wipers and the windshield washers on. If you see any streaks, you’ll want to purchase new wipers.
  • Inspect the breaks — Your brakes should be checked at least twice a year to ensure safety. If there are 4 millimeters or less of friction material remaining, your brakes should be replaced. 
  • Make sure the heater works — Test your vehicle’s heater before temperatures start to drop. You’ll want to be sure you have warmth when you need it.
  • Review needed service dates — Get familiar with and stick to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

We know car maintenance can be complicated. Keeping your car in top shape for the fall weather ahead will help you stay safe on the road.