Cybersecurity Tips For Business Travelers

business traveler 1

Business travelers are prime targets for cybercriminals, as they often carry valuable data and may not always be careful about securing their devices. Some common cyberthreats that business travelers may encounter include:

Unsecured Wi-Fi networks

Publicly accessible computers

Stolen or misplaced devices

Neglecting cybersecurity when employees are on the road or abroad can be detrimental to a business. Here are some measures employers can implement to minimize cybersecurity risks for business travelers:

  • Establish Wi-Fi policies.

  • Enforce Virtual Private Network (VPN) use.

  • Conduct physical security training for digital valuables.

  • Encourage employees to pack minimal devices.

  • Require regular software updates.

  • Establish response plans.

Business travelers should take the proper precautions while traveling to help keep their personal- and work-related devices and data secure. For more risk management guidance, contact us today.