Clothing Manufacturing

The Clothing Manufacturing industry is a historically high risk one, and it’s full of potential safety hazards. If you own a clothing label or manufacture apparel, there’s a possibility you will be affected by workplace injuries, lawsuits, theft, or fire. There’s also a large possibility that you will eventually need to cover wages and medical bills for an injured worker.
Many States now require Clothing Manufacturers to have insurance coverage in order to legally operate. Clothing Manufacturers insurance is highly specialized and it’s important to understand how diverse your insurance may need to be. For instance, if part of your business operates overseas, this can make your policy much more complicated.
Insurance for Clothing Manufacturers includes:
General Liability, covers lawsuits regardless of claim validity
Workers’ Compensation, covers wages and medical bills from injuries on the job
Property Insurance, covers fire, damaged equipment, theft, or natural disasters.
Do you have company vehicles? You may need to consider Commercial Auto Insurance. Need extra coverage? Some policies may allow you to increase your maximum coverage amount. Do you hold customer information on a computer? You may need to consider Cyber Liability Insurance.
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