General Liability

General Liability insurance is a commercial policy that covers general liability risks involved with operating a business. If you get sued for third-party bodily injury caused by your business operations, you will be covered. Another way that General Liability can help is by protecting you from advertising damages — This can include slander toward another business. If someone becomes injured on your premises, you will be protected. Accidents happen, and you never know when someone might accidentally slip and fall while they are on location.

General Liability is usually the go-to policy that business owners obtain because of the protection that it provides. It is also required by law in the state of California for most businesses. A lot of the time, if you are renting a location, your landlord will also require that you maintain a General Liability policy. By listing your landlord as “additional insured” per request; this will ensure that your landlord is not held liable for any damages that you might incur while operating a business in the building.

Also, you’ll be protected if you or your employees damage someone else’s property. For example, you might run an electronics repair shop. Your employee might accidentally break a television while it is in the custody of your business.  In case the customer decided to take action against you, the General Liability would help to protect your business. As you can imagine, General Liability is an essential coverage, no matter what type of business you own.

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