• RealDrive from Mercury Insurance is a great option for California drivers who want their rate to be based upon the miles they drive. That’s right, you’ll only pay for the miles you drive when you sign up for RealDrive! And here’s the best part, you’ll save 5% right away just for signing up, and you’ll keep this discount for as long as you remain in the program. 
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  • Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Why should I sign up for Mercury’s RealDrive®?

  • A: You’ll receive a 5% discount at sign-up, and you’ll keep it for as long as you remain in the program. Plus, you may be driving fewer miles than you thought you were, which could lead to even bigger savings!
  • Q: How do I sign up for Mercury’s RealDrive®?

  • A: Signing up for Mercury’s RealDrive is simple. Talk to us to get you a free, no-obligation quote. If you decide RealDrive is for you, then just say “sign me up” and we will take care of everything.
  • Q: Do I need to do anything in the future to make sure I am enrolled in Mercury’s RealDrive® program?

  • A: We may require you to report your mileage to us just before the renewal, but don’t worry, because we’ll send you a reminder before it’s due.

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